Anti-inflammatory Supplements

Our main focus should always be targeting the underlying causes of inflammation—by healing the gut and re-balancing the microbiome. For even further help in reducing inflammation, there are additional supplements that you can add on as optional extras. These supplements generally work by fine-tuning the immune system.  For further information, see Chapter 8 of The Keystone Approach.

Supplement Priority Example products Typical Dose
Fish oil High Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 2x

Garden of Life Omega 3 Minami Platinum

2000–4000 mg (2–4 grams) per day EPA + DHA
Vitamin D High Doctor’s Best Vitamin D3 Softgels 2000 IU per day
Glucosamine Medium Jarrow Glucosamine HCL Mega

NOW Glucosamine 1000

1000–1500 mg per day
Meriva Medium Pure Encapsulations Curcumasorb

Jarrow Curcumin Phytosome

Thorne Meriva 500-SF

1000–2000 mg per day
Borage oil Low Nature’s Way Borage Oil

Jarrow Formulas Borage GLA

500 mg GLA per day (~2500 mg borage oil)

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Meriva Curcumin/ Turmeric

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